Maritime Agency

Maritime AGENCY

SEACHART MARINE offers your good company a first class ship agent services in the major Mediterranean ports of Lebanon and Syria through its local offices and correspondents.



he company activities include agency of all types of vessels (dry / wet / reefer / passenger), either as full or protecting agents, arranging of your vessels’ quick dispatch, handling and amicably settling disputes and/or claims as well as surveys, handling of crew matters and timely Cash to Master delivery.

Kindly note, that Seachart Marine has been the general agent for Egyptian Navigation Company (E.N.C), the state line of Egypt, in Lebanon and Syria since 2002 as well as in Canada and the United States, since 1992.

Additionally, we also represented in Lebanon and Syria, several first class owners for their tramp vessels, such as Seatrade Reefer, Oldendorff Express Lines, Emar Shipping, A.C Oerssleff, Eksen, Spliethoff, and many more.

We pride ourselves on being very aggressive when i comes to marketing our principal’s liner service. Our job as ship agents is not only to unload the cargo in a safe and rapid matter, but also to provide owners with substantial volume of cargoes in order to create additional revenue for them.  Therefore, we have invested a lot of time, money and energy in canvassing the market for potential clients and creating good relationships with some of the areas biggest companies.

The company’s knowledge of grain handling facilities, General Bulk – Liquid Cargo operations, Charter Party interpretations, Legislation, and officials in the Shipping Community, coupled to close communication with our principals, has transformed us to an extension of client operations rather than simple representatives.  We recognize that a shipping agency’s success depends highly on the level of service it can provide to customers, and we are committed to grow due to our employee’s motivation and commitment in this respect.

We believe that the essence of every successful partnership is trust.  Without it, there can be no progress. Trust in knowing that your international partner understands your needs.  The peace of mind, that comes from an agent, whose abilities and performance, exceeds your expectations.  That is the constant goal of our principals and clients.  Then and only then, will you come to view us as your true partner.

From the moment you entrust Seachart Marine with your vessel or cargo, we take it personally to insure the most efficient, timely and cost-effective arrangements are made for the maximum benefit to our valued principals and clients.

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